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UrineCheck 7 drug adulteration tests are firm plastic strips to which seven different reagent areas are affixed. UrineCheck 7 test strips are ready-to-use and disposable. No equipment is required for its use. Only fresh and uncentrifuged urine samples without preservatives are to be used.

UrineCheck 7 provides tests for Creatinine, Nitrite, pH, Specific Gravity, Glutaraldehyde, Oxidants, and Pyridium Chlorochromate in urine. Test results may be useful for assessing the integrity of the urine sample prior to Drugs-of-Abuse testing; for example, whether the sample is possibly diluted with water or other liquids as indicated by the creatinine and specific gravity tests. UrineCheck 7 detects whether the sample contains commercially available adulterants including nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach, pyridinium chlorochormate and other oxidizing agents. UrineCheck 7 can also assess whether the sample is possibly contaminated by acidic (vinegar) or basic (ammonia solution) adulterants as indicated by the pH test.

Each bottle contains 25 test strips.

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Urine Check 7