DrugCheck® NxStep OnSite Drug Test 6 Panel Round Cup (1 Pack)



DrugCheck® NxStep Onsite 6 Panel Urinalysis Test (1 Pack)


DrugCheck® NxStep OnSite 6-Drug Panel Urine Sample (1 Pack) Express Diagnostics 60600

This easy-to-use cup serves as an instant screening device and as a sample collection cup for confirmatory testing. The DrugCheck® NxStep OnSite 6-Drug Panel Urine Sample cup is FDA cleared and screens 6 drugs. The NxStep cup is made here in the United States and boasts the following features:

– DrugCheck’s patented technology
– Ease of use
– Integrated temperature strip
– No handling or manipulation to activate testing
– No tipping or tilting cup to activate test
– No dipping reagent strips or test cards into specimen
– Cup and sample can be sent to lab for confirmation if needed

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