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1 Test
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Alcohol Volume Test

The AlcoHAWK® Slim breathalyzer is one of the most affortable and accurate semiconductor breath alcohol screening devices on the market. It features a sleek personal design roughly the size of a cell phone made of impact resistant abs material. The unit screens for the presence of alcohol quickly and is an ideal solution for a discreet easy-to-use unit. The Slim is equipped with a clear Ruby Red L.E.D. display. The unit comes pre-calibrated ready for use. The AlcoHAWK® Slim breathalyzer has also been upgraded to use a folding mouthpiece design for maximum portability yet also has the ability to attach disposable mouthpiece covers (3 included) for sanitary use by multiple users!

This breath alcohol tester is intended to measure a lcohol in human breath. Readings from this device are used to determine alcohol intoxication. The accuracy of this device has been proven at a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.008 and 0.032.

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1 Test, 2 Tests, 3 Tests

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