10 Panel Oral Cube / Saliva Oral Swab Drug Test (1 Pack)


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The Original Oral Cube is a newly designed on-site oral fluid saliva drug test that makes the identification of drugs used quick. Saliva (oral fluid) is an easy sample to collect and is much less likely to be adulterated, unlike urine. The swab slides in and out of the test kit; out for application and back in for test results. Ensure that the swab has enough saliva to initiate the test, as it must be completely saturated with the saliva specimen. The oral cube will then do the work getting the oral saliva specimen from the swab to the detection chamber, and results will follow. ADS, Inc. is an FDA-registered manufacturing facility and laboratory that even meets or exceeds the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. We provide medical facilities, workplaces, law enforcement and correctional facilities, and families with drug, pregnancy, and ovulation tests, and pharmacogenetic testing that are made and safely shipped in the USA.



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