About Us

The American Drug Screen Corporation is a fast growing company bringing change and innovation to accommodate your drug testing needs. We are convenient, reliable, and cost effective. We offer top of the line Drug-of-Abuse testing products, such as, our integrated cups, the Eco I, Eco II, and Push- Button cup. ADS carries numerous configurations of Dip Cards and quality Forensic Use Only saliva tests like the Oral Q and the Oral Cube. Our products are widely used in drug courts, correctional facilities, behavioral health treatment facilities, and law enforcement. With over 2 million dollars worth of inventory in stock, we always keep a handy supply of products that you need. ADS is the nation’s leading Rapid Drug Testing Distributor. We are a growing company based in Los Angeles, California. Our CEO is one of the leading pioneers in Rapid Drug Screening Devices and since Day 1, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality products with excellent customer service to match.

Drug Courts

The most popular products we provide to drug courts include our fast and clean Oral Cube. Not only does it eliminate same sex supervising but it is also Xerox copy friendly. Another ADS mass selling product is our Eco I and Eco II integrated cups. They are a one step device with fast acting results and our Eco II cup has a wider opening making it “female friendlier” and contains two sets of gloves.

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