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American Drug Screen stays ahead of the evolving demand of workplace substance abuse prevention by providing cost-effective, innovative drug testing solutions for all industries.

By leveraging technology and industry-leading expertise, our solutions offer you a higher standard of testing, at an affordable cost, keeping you armed with the tools you need to make the best, most informed decision possible for your business. 

American Drug Screen supplies hundreds of staffing agencies and private security companies in the USA with quality affordable drug testing supplies. Take advantage of our multiple testing methodologies and expanded drug panels, while enjoying the benefits of our cutting-edge technology and best-in-business practices. 

American Drug Screen has over fifty active contracts with various States, Counties, Correction Facilities, Probation Offices, & Drug Courts across the country. Within these contracts, American Drug Screen provides urinalysis and oral saliva drug testing supplies to government entities and work with CLIA and  SAMHSA-certified laboratories to offer a higher standard of drug testing. 

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